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FOR RELEASE: 2006-07-25

Sophisticated New Suspension System For Commodore

Linear Control Suspension makes its debut in 2006 range alongside larger brakes, wheels and tyres

Holden’s legendary performance will be connected to the road with sophisticated new suspension systems, larger fade resistant brakes and specifically developed larger wheel and tyre packages.

Drivers will immediately notice sharper handling and improved stability across Australia’s vast range of motoring conditions.

Holden has introduced Linear Control Suspension - an advanced, four-link system at the rear and multi-link strut system at the front - to enhance Commodore’s appeal to a wide range of drivers.

All new larger fade resistant brakes, larger wheel and tyre packages and a revised forward-mounted steering rack are among other major vehicle dynamics developments.

Holden Vehicle Systems Engineer for Chassis and Powertrain Integration, Andrew Holmes, said significant development targets for each system were supported by a specific program to integrate them as a cohesive package.

“It’s one thing to improve a number of your architectural parts, but they must be well integrated to get the best overall results,” Holmes said.

“We have improved on-centre steering feel and delivered sharper handling and directional stability.

“The car has also been desensitised to external influences such as crosswinds and road camber changes.”

Holmes said engineers had achieved almost 50:50 weight distribution between the front and the rear, also contributing to Commodore’s well-balanced feel.

This had been achieved through measures including the engine being positioned low and rearward within the engine bay, a new saddle-style fuel tank and placing the battery in the rear of the car.

Linear Control Suspension

The result of an eight-year development program, Linear Control Suspension sits alongside the renowned Radial Tuned Suspension of the late 1970s as one of Holden’s most significant advances in the area.

The front suspension is a MacPherson strut-based multi-link system with direct acting stabiliser bar. It features a forward mounted steering rack and dual lower links with individual ball joints at the outer end.

A hydraulically damped bush is used on the forward end of the tension link for improved ride isolation. The lateral link features a rubber spherical joint to provide lateral stiffness for precise handling. It has negative scrub radius, short spindle length, high castor and short mechanical trail.

The rear suspension is a multi-link (four-link) independent system with coil-over shock absorbers and decoupled stabiliser bar.

It has high lateral stiffness for handling through three lateral ball joints per side with improved longitudinal compliance. A rubber isolated suspension frame isolates the body from road imperfections and drivetrain vibrations.

The front suspension is fully adjustable in camber, castor and toe. The rear suspension system is fully adjustable for camber and toe.

VE Commodore offers suspension settings according to model – a comfort biased system on Omega and Berlina and sport handling settings on SV6, SS, SS V, Calais and Calais V. A country pack with higher ride height is optional on Omega.

Brakes, wheels and tyres

All VE models benefit from all new larger brakes and stopping distance is reduced by around five per cent. Vented rotors are on the standard and performance brake packages.

“Both brake packages feature lightweight compact aluminium calipers all round, increased pad area and larger rotors front and rear. They are more fade resistant and provide a stiffer brake pedal feel,” Holmes said.

“We have also had bigger tyres developed which improve handling and longitudinal grip for easier acceleration and shorter stopping distance.”

Standard wheel and tyre combinations start at a 16x7-inch package. Sizes increase to an 19x8 alloy package for SS V with a 20x8-inch package available as a factory accessory.

In a Holden design first, the VE park brake has been integrated in the centre console which allows simple use in left-hand-drive and right-hand-drive applications.


Linear Control Suspension

  • Front multi-link with direct-acting stabiliser bar
  • Rear multi-link (four link) independent system with coil-over shock absorbers and decoupled stabiliser bar.
  • Front suspension fully adjustable in camber, castor and toe
  • Rear suspension fully adjustable for camber and toe
  • Ride or comfort-based system on Omega and Berlina
  • Sport or handling-based on SV6, SS, SS V, Calais and Calais V
  • Country pack suspension with higher ride height is optional on Omega


  • Rack mounted forward of front axle centreline – improves steering feel and precision
  • Variable ratio gear with 15 per cent change from centre to lock
  • 10 per cent faster ratio on-centre


  • V6 variants - 298mm x 30mm vented front rotors, 302mm X 22mm vented rear rotors; twin piston compact aluminium calipers at front, single piston aluminium units at rear
  • V8 variants - 321mm x 30mm vented front rotors, 324mm x 22mm vented rear rotors; twin piston compact aluminium calipers at front, single piston aluminium units at rear
  • Pedal release system helps reduce lower leg injuries in frontal impact

Park brake

  • Park brake integrated into centre console design

Wheels and tyres

  • Base combination is 16x7-inch steel wheel 225/60 R16 – 20mm width, 40mm diameter increase
  • Largest combination is 19x8-inch alloy wheel 245/40R19
  • 20x8-inch alloy wheel available as Holden genuine accessory

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