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Modified Commodores.

VT to VZ series

Some of these pics are small versions, simply click on them for a bigger pic.


Here are some pics of Martin's 1998 VT.


Here is Mark's ex cop VY 2002 9C1. He is slowly tidying it up and has so far fitted a set of VX SS 17x8 and got personalised plates. He has also puchased a fibreglass VY clubsport kit that will be fitted in the next month and has also enquired about an exhaust change.

VZ Crewman
VZ Crewman

Here are some pics of a VZ Crewman from the Victorian Police.


Here is Evgeni's VT 1999 V6. Accessories and mods include Dual Air Bags, ABS, A/C, K&N Air Filter, After market body kit, Extractors 2,1/4" exhaust straight through Muffler, Split fire taco. Future mods include: Mod chip, Paint job.


Here is Damien's VT ex Taxi, when bought it was tungsten and bog stock. He put in a VT Calais interior, electric windows and seats, changed the headlights, tail lights, boot garnish, bonnet, boot, doors, the bodykit is the same as a VX Clubsport except the boot spoiler. All the lights and garnish were to match a VX Berlina/ Clubsport. It was finished off in Devil yellow (Monaro yellow).

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Last modified: 4 January 2006

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