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VK LM 5000

March 1984 - October 1984

The LM5000 was the first regular Brock model to be based on the VK series. One belief is that HDT needed an interim model to sell between the end of the VH series (with introduction of the VK by Holden in May 1984) and release of the full SS and Group3 models by Brock in October 1984. At the time Peter Brock was pretty busy; aside from running the HDT factory and Australian race team, in 1984 he raced at Le Mans (in a Porsche). In fact the 'LM' commemorates the Le Mans campaign.

Between 110 and 150 LM 5000s (all VKs) were made, with production being phased out when the SS and Group3 models arrived.

HDT VK LM 5000

HDT VK LM 5000

HDT VK LM 5000

HDT VK LM 5000 Specifications

The car was based on a VK Commodore SL. Mechanically it was upgraded to Police Pack specifications - 5.0 litre (308) Group 3 engine, M21 4 speed (T5 optional extra), LSD, Brock suspension (lowered, stiffer springs and upgraded dampers/rollbars) and 4 wheel disc brakes. I think power steering was standard. Wheels were Irmscher, same style as VH Group 3 but with black rim/silver 'spokes' instead of all silver.

The body kit fitted included side skirts and rear spoiler (early models had VH Gp3 spoiler (wing with 4 posts), later ones had lip spoiler like VK SS). Some had wind-splitters fitted on front 'guards. Front grille was standard VK 3 bar, colour coded to the body as were the front and rear bumpers. Colours available were Alpine White and Asteroid Silver. 'Peter Brock' signature decals were fitted to the right side of the boot lid, just below the spoiler and to the front 'guards, just below the 'A' pillars. Small Australian flag decals were fitted just behind the 'Brock' decals on the front 'guards. 5.0 badges were fitted to the lower front guards behind the wheel arch.

Interior was standard VK SL except for 'sports' instrument cluster (analog, not digital), drivers footrest, map lights in the dome light, HDT/Momo steering wheel and HDT (rubber) gearshift knob.

Thanks to Vic for the pics and information.

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